Robert Herjavec of Shark Tank CNBC by Katya Tsyganova

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Robert Herjavec

Certain people make a statement without speaking out loud. Robert Herjavec, CEO of the Herjavec group, a global IT firm, investor and the striking Star from Shark Tank has a charisma of his own. Katya Tsyganova captured the inspiring portrait of Robert in a stunning blue suit that complimented his eyes. The pocket square and the watch added a nice touch of elegance to his look. The well-tailored suit with the high collars complemented him to perfection as he stood with his hair neatly combed back, in his beautiful office for a cover shoot for innovation and tech magazine.


Robert Herjavec of shark tank CNBC by Katya Tsyganova

Born in Croatia, the multimillionaire made his way to the top from being a common farm boy. Having led his life amid the struggles and minimal wage, the shark tank star slowly made his way up by waiting tables, doing minimal jobs and then finally acting, securing a job in a company by offering to work for free and working hard enough to be the general manager of that company. He then founded his own company from the basement of his home, which took flight and slowly, earned him a huge name in the industry. Herjavec group was later founded in 2003 with 3 employees, which became a huge success.

Standing pleasantly in his beautiful office, Robert Herjavec still found time in his busy schedule to pose for a stunning cover photo. He was extremely nice and conversational as he stood to get his picture taken. Katya Tsyganova did justice to his personality and his mesmerizing charisma as the picture portrays Robert perfectly. Standing aloof with a small smile on his face, Robert Herjavec, a multimillionaire success who struggled and succeeded countless times in his life to be the man he is today. 

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