Maddison Headrick in L’officiel Fashion Film by Katya Tsyganova

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Castle of glass.

There are certain dresses that are designed with breathtaking beauty to define the curves and express the beauty of the figure extraordinarily. The stunning video shoot for L’official by Katya Tsyganova combines formal attire with mesmerizing colors, diverse trends and steamy apparel to create a whole new world of mesmerizing pieces which make a statement!
Blurring the lines between formal and traditional wear, stylist, Olga Yanul incorporates elegant pieces together to brew up a magical storm of fashion wear that leaves onlookers staring transfixed. From long overcoats to silk dresses, T-shirts, glittering jewels and stunning handbags, Olga, helped by her assistant Suzi Rezler, transformed Maddison Headrick into art!
Channeling the 80s and 90s, Maddison had her hair elegantly glossed back by renown hair stylist, Giannandrea to create a neat yet bold look. Her makeup was lavishly kept at a minimum by Christian McCulloch with emphasis on the brows to add to the bold attire. The entire look complemented the variety of beautiful outfits that enveloped her flawlessly as she struck numerous poses for Katya to record.
The video shoot took place at the glamorous James Goldstein residency among the lavish halls and beautiful landscapes. In one part of the video, Katya portrayed Maddison in an awestruck pose where she is wearing the stunning earrings by Cartier. In another glamorous shot, Maddison looks bewitchingly beautiful in a form-fitting dress by Alexander McQueen and shoes by Celine. The video shoot continues in light humor as Katya keeps recording the many scenes of the stunning model in a trendy overcoat by Dries Van Noten, a beautiful hooded shirt by Versace, a Wanda Nylon blouse and Issey Miyake overalls and a stunning Miu Miu top with Valentino pants and gorgeous Amulletete De Cartier Earrings.

The stunning glimpse of the earrings every now and then added a whole new dimension to every look of Maddison which Katya captured with perfection. The entire shoot focused on how beautifully bold Maddison looked amid the blend of different outfits, beautiful handbags and stunning earrings by Cartier. With each look complementing every part of the model, and the backdrop adding a flair of romance to the shot, the video shoot went by in a blur of stunning portraits. 

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