Los Angeles Fashion Photographer Katya Tsyganova

Born in a city that you won’t find on a map, in a country that doesn’t exist anymore she travels around the globe with a great passion for fashion photography capturing elusive beauty of this world in her dramatic colorful pictures.

Katya has been working for such magazines as Vogue, Glamour, Instyle, Rolling Stone, Tatler, L’officel, Playboy, Men’s Health in collaboration with Dior, Armani and Avakian Jewelry as well.

Katya shot such personalities as: Akon, Janice Dickinson, Nick Bateman, Olivia Culpo, Niki Koss, Stefanie Scott, Emeraude Toubia, Dylan Lee, Shaun Ross, Jack Griffo.








Los Angeles fashion photographer Katya Tsyganova and her team of creative artists specialize in shooting high-end images for such products as:
  • e-commerce
  • lookbook
  • apparel
  • clothing
  • swimwear
  • lingerie
  • accessories
  • jewelry
  • beauty
  • home and consumer products.

Our goal is to provide you with the best imagery possible to help creating the ultimate visual representation of your product.

With immaculate precision and fine attention to detail in post-production, each image is tuned to ensure brand integrity.

Our team is experienced with layout and design in a diverse range of apparel categories for both men and women.

We offer:
  • Photography studio with all necessary equipment
  • Professional In-house photographer
  • In studio, lifestyle or on-location
  • On-model, mannequin, Invisible mannequin, or flat
  • Model casting
  • Professional hair & makeup
  • Photo retouching, color correction
  • Styling
  • Quick turnaround

From high street brands to individual designers, our professional photography studios in Los Angeles offer more than a one stop fashion photography solution. We are capable of managing every aspect of shoot production, from arranging complex location shoots, hiring expert freelancers on your behalf, to model castings in our studio facility.

Having top quality images that sell is ever increasingly important in the fashion e-commerce photography industry. We provide advice on how to present your product on the web, using tried and tested techniques that have proven results as well as guide you through all the terminology. Just about any form of fashion still life imaginable is at your disposal.

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