Arzaylea by Katya Tsyganova for Galore Magazine

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Pairing futuristic trends with a sexy look can be a challenge. However, this didn’t stop stylist Dougie Newton from transforming the Instagram star Arzaylea into a stunning picture for the Galore magazine. The mesmerizing shades of pink combined with the picturesque futuristic look, captured flawlessly by Katya Tsyganova give us a stunning glimpse into the fashion statements of a different world.



Arzayle by Katya Tsyganova for Galore MagazineThe sensual combinations and outfit choices show Arzaylea in a number of sizzling outfits that hug her flawless curves in just the right manner. Shot on the streets of Korea town, Los Angeles, Katya works intently, focusing the shots on highlighting every expression of Arzaylea at its purest. The Instagram star is shown wearing a statement 2 piece in one picture with a bedazzled choker saying ‘SICK’. Another stunning photo by Katya Tsyganova shows Arzaylea in a bubblegum pink frock bound at her bosom with a stunning, bold belt. The added pink cap really adds a funky look to this outfit.

Arzayle by Katya Tsyganova for Galore Magazine


Dougie really went out of her way to pair a plastic look with a blinged bikini. The transparent pants and the pink tinted jacket can be hard to pull off, but Arzaylea really carried off the look with style. Her bold makeup by Brazil and the beautiful hairdo by Mariama with hair strands flying about really complemented the style and added a whole new edge to the photo shoot. Katya photographed the 22-year-old social media sensation from different angles to capture her most stunning moments.Arzayle by Katya Tsyganova for Galore Magazine

All the different pieces came together in the shoot, with the alluring outfits, the stunning maroon lip gloss, the deep eyes and the stunning strands of hair flying all about. It was a beautiful blend of stylish sexiness with a modern flair of breathtaking beauty that was frozen on the frame by Katya Tsyganova. You can view the entire photo shoot by Katya Tsyganova at the gallery.


Arzayle by Katya Tsyganova for Galore Magazine

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