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Akon Innovation Tech Los Angeles fashion photographer Katya Tsyganova
Lighting up with Akon

Some artists capture the light within them and emit that warm glow for everyone to see. Akon is one of those stars who have immense fame and power and still can be exhilaratingly fun to work with. In the new photoshoot of the renowned singer by Katya Tsygnova, Akon brings out his motive from within as he poses for his portraits for Katya. 

The cheerful celebrity created a light and easy atmosphere and the whole crew was all smiles as each portrait went by perfectly, one after the other. He modeled in an elegant, all-black attire with on point sneakers to compliment him. In another style he put on a jumper jacket and gave out many of the signature Akon smiles that Katya captured in a blur. 

Akon Innovation Tech Los Angeles fashion photographer Katya Tsyganova

Holding the first and second spot on billboard hot 100 chart, one would imagine that a celebrity could be a little difficult, but not Akon. He kindled the entire showroom as he entered. The poses were natural, it was as though he just knew what to do. He posed for one photograph after another and the pictures were frozen in time flawlessly, every second by Katya Tsygnova. 

Another part of the photoshoot focused on Akon’s mission to light up Africa. Akon is said to be the 5th most powerful celebrity from Africa and he has taken huge strides to help the people of his land. In one part on set, Akon took a light bulb and started playing with it. It was an amazing moment of inspiration as thoughts materialized into form, and Akon is captured singing into the light bulb. His mission to light up Africa, started in 2014 where he made it his aim to light up the entire country with electricity generated from solar power. 

Akon Innovation Tech Los Angeles fashion photographer Katya Tsyganova

Akon has churned hearts out with his constructive images and songs. All the positive energy from the singer is drawn to a focus and he himself is as he, himself, is as intrigued about it as can be. His cheerfulness was evident as he happily sang about with the light bulb in his hand, providing studio members with yet another opportunity to dance to his songs. The whole shoot went smoothly and constructively, as Katya adjusted her camera to capture the ‘light’ with Akon in its full glory. 

The shoot was a success. In fact, the sweet hearted, contended nature of Akon shifted the atmosphere into a fun experience for the whole team. A number of inspiring portraits made it into the final cut, where Akon is seen posing and holding his ‘light’ for Africa with perfect expressions. Time flew by, but it did produce some stunning portraits of the singer. You can view all the inspiring portraits of Akon photographed by Katya Tsygnova at the gallery. 

Also you can watch behind the scenes video here.

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